On 08 Jun CoM EUFOR, Major General Helmut Habermayer attended a conference on “Legislative framework, current situation and plans of BiH institutions in the area of defence and security” at the Parliamentary Assembly.
The opening address and remarks were delivered by Mr. Jasmin Imamović, Chair of Joint Defence and Security Committee BiH and Dr Susan E. Penksa OSCE Head of Department of Security Cooperation.

Legislative framework, current situation and plans of BiH institutions in the area of defence and security

Following this, the morning session of the conference included addresses from Deputy Minister of Security Ivica Bošnjak and Directors of State-level Authorities of the BiH Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs).
An overview of their current activities, programmes, strategic documents, plans, measures and agreements was provided and it was highlighted that cooperation between all State-level Agencies is necessary to achieve their common objectives and mitigate against threats to maintaining a safe and secure environment in BiH. It was discussed that these agencies need to assist each other and to cooperate with neighboring countries and EU instruments (EUROPOL, INTERPOL) in all areas related to internal and external security. Some challenges currently facing LEAs were also highlighted.

During the afternoon session, Assistant Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations (MoFTER) Dragiša Mekić presented the progress of the harmonization of the domestic law on the “Control of Weapons and Military Equipment” with the European Directives. Furthermore a list of “Dual Use’-items which can be used in weapons of mass destruction, such as chemical substances, and how to register these items in accordance with the EU- regulations was presented.

Mr. Saša Obradović, Director of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Mine Action Center (BHMAC) outlined current activities and issues. He discussed the current Mine Suspected Area of 858 km2 and commented that for the remaining area, they estimate it will take until 2035 to achieve a “Mine-free” Bosnia and Hercegovina. Some challenges facing BHMAC were highlighted, including the need for financial supports in order to reach a “Mine Free” Bosnia and Hercegovina.

Legislative framework, current situation and plans of BiH institutions in the area of defence and security

He concluded by highlighting the good cooperation with the Demining Battalion of the AFBiH, the Ministry of Civil Affairs and the Civil Protection Agencies of the RS, the Federation BiH and District Brčko.
During the final session of the conference Deputy Ministry of Defense Slaven Galić gave a general overview of defense sector results and challenges based on the previous annual conferences. Following this, Chief of Joint Staff AF BiH Lieutenant General Senad Mašović, Commander Operational Command AF BiH Major General Radovan Ilić, Commander Support Command AF BiH Major General Marko Stojčić, and the Inspector General Brigadier General Mirsad Ahmić outlined the goals they had achieved, activities conducted and the main challenges facing AFBiH.

COM EUFOR described the event as an informative and beneficial conference which provided opportunity for valuable information sharing and discussion.