EUFOR Commander, Major General Reinhard Trischak, met with the Director of the Border Police of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Zoran Galić, on 16 March 2020. They discussed the activities of the Border Police, the migrant situation and maintaining the work of the EUFOR mission during the unprecedented situation presented by the Corona Virus.

EUFOR visit to Border Police in November 2017

EUFOR visit to Border Police in November 2017. Photo: Archive

Following the meeting, Major General Trischak said, “Operation EUFOR Althea remains committed to fulfilling its obligations under UN Security Council resolution 2496 (2019), to ensure a safe and secure environment for all citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and is monitoring the situation closely.”

Acknowledging the special measures adopted by the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina, on 16 March 2020, suspending entry of foreign nationals to the country from some areas, Major General Trischak continued,

“EUFOR will continue to conduct operations and activities during this time. The EUFOR mission has to maintain its operational capabilities despite the extraordinary circumstances caused by the COVID-19 virus.”

“EUFOR will apply a maximum of self-restraint to non-operational activities and conduct operational duties with the highest possible care. EUFOR has taken a number of preventative measures, based on World Health Organisation recommendations, including screening of personnel and reducing movement for non-operational reasons.”

EUFOR to Continue Operations Despite Impact of COVID-19

EUFOR visit to Border Police in November 2017. Photo: Archive