With a series of conferences, held from 4th to 7th of February in Camp Butmir and at the Armed Forces of BiH (AF BiH) Military Base in Dubrave near Tuzla, EUFOR and the AF BiH launched the detailed planning of forthcoming exercises that will be held in early June of this year.

EUFOR planners in conference in Camp Butmir

5th Infantry Brigade will take the lead

Whilst EUFOR conducts its annual exercise “Quick Response” to exercise our ‘over-the-horizon’ reinforcement troops, the challenge and responsibilities for AF BiH are increasing this year as the 5th Infantry Brigade of AF BiH, under the command of Brigadier Dr. Kenan Dautović, will lead the combined EUFOR and AF BiH training exercise.

Continuous development of skills

Capacity building and training of AF BiH is one of EUFOR’s main efforts and thanks to the constant improvement of AF BiH, this exercise will show the capability of the 5th Brigade to cooperate with foreign forces at battalion level.

With an audience of approximately one hundred national and international staff officers including the Operational Commander of AF BiH, Brigadier General Dragan Vukovic, the EUFOR Chief of Staff, Brigadier General József Szpisják, said:
“We at EUFOR are very pleased with the results of all the hard work of AF BiH and EUFOR over the last few years. This exercise will show the improvements that have been made towards the future contributions of BiH to potential international crisis management operations.”

Participants from three different countries

EUFOR will provide infantry companies from Slovenia, Austria and Great Britain to exercise with the 5th Infantry Brigade in this exercise.