Quick Response 2020

EUFOR’s Exercise Quick Response 2020 took place right across BiH from 30th August – 5th September.

Every year EUFOR tests contingency plans and the capability of designated high-readiness forces outside the country to fulfill its mandate. The rehearsal also reaffirms and strengthens the close cooperation we have with local authorities, Law Enforcement Agencies and the Armed Forces of BiH.

This year, we selected forces from Austria, Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Romania, the United Kingdom and KFOR to join the troops in theatre. 20 nations united under EUFOR Command clearly demonstrates our continued commitment to security, stability and progress in BiH.

Distinguished Visitors Day
Day Three Highlights
Day Two Highlights
Day One Highlights
Opening Ceremony
Op Commander Adresses

Exercise QR 2020 videos

Distinguished Visitors Day
Exercise Quick Response 2020, Day Two Highlights
Exercise Quick Response 2020, Day One Highlights
EUFOR Exercise Quick Response 2020 Opening Ceremony
EUFOR Multi National Troops join together for parade and equipment demonstration ahead of Exercise Quick Response 2020
All friends! Austrian and UK forces continue the integration training ahead of next week’s Exercise Quick Response 2020

Photos from the exercise

Exercise Announcement