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  • EUFOR – Strong Partner to BiH

    EUFOR continues to be a strong Partner for BiH:
    • By supporting the marking and registering of more than 70.000 weapons
    • By providing advice to increase security in nearly 300 Locations where weapons and ammunition are stored...

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On Friday 5th October, during the 'Justice for David' rally in Banja Luka, SRNA (Srpska Republika Press Agency) published an article on their webpage which was taken up by other news outlets. The article stated:
"EUFOR drone is currently above the Krajina Square in Banja Luka where the rally of 'Justice for David' group is about to start. According to EUFOR's estimates, there are now approx. 7,000 supporters of the group 'Justice for David.'"

EUFOR would like to make it very clear that both pieces of information are incorrect. We were not the source mentioned in the Press release of the SRNA news agency. Also, EUFOR was not operating a drone in Krajina Square on that day.

EUFOR is extremely proud of its impartial stance and we have waited until after the election to send this press release to avoid any accusations of interfering. We are always happy to be quoted by any news outlet or agency in an official capacity and with permission. But on this occasion the information presented was incorrect and did not come from EUFOR. We would like to remind all media that going forward the only official sources of information about EUFOR will be from the Commander EUFOR and the EUFOR Spokesperson.