On 16 April 2014, in Army Hall, Sarajevo, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed between EUFOR and the BiH Ministry of Defence.
This MOU is now the principal agreement that provides the framework for co-operation between EUFOR and the MoD / Armed Forces of BiH and it consolidates and streamlines 9 previous agreements between these two parties.
It has taken almost two years to reach this stage but should bring immediate advantages to the working relationship, especially with EUFOR’s capacity building and training programme for the Armed Forces and the common training serial ‘Quick Response’ between EUFOR and the Armed Forces in June of this year.

BiH still has one of the most severe land mine problems in the world. This affects the economy and development of the country in many ways but especially with tourism. EUFOR is often seen as being responsible for the mine clearance in this country, but it is not. The responsibility is with the BiH authorities.
At state level, the BiH Demining Law regulates the Demining Commission, the central body responsible for the removal of mine risk in BiH within the Ministry of Civil Affairs, and its technical body is the BiH Mine Action Center (BHMAC).

On 3rd April 2014, the Turkish Company of the EUFOR’s Multinational Battalion has been honoured for its commitment in the theatre by holding a medal parade for its soldiers. Under the presence of COM EUFOR, General Dieter Heidecker 112 Turkish soldiers were decorated with “The European Union Common Security and Defence Policy Service Medal Operation Althea”.

From 07 – 11 April 2014, a platoon of the EUFOR Turkish Contingent Multinational Battalion conducted combined training with a platoon of the 1st Company, 2nd Battalion, 5th Brigade of the Armed Forces of BiH in Dubrave, the former SFOR/EUFOR Eagle Base.

On 29 and 30 Mar 2014, the Hungarian Chief of Defence, General Tibor Benkő, visited EUFOR at Camp Butmir, Sarajevo.
During the visit, General Benkő met with the Commander of EUFOR, Major General Dieter Heidecker, and the Commander of NATO HQ Sarajevo, Brigadier General Merle Hart, and visited the 160 strong Hungarian contingent currently serving with EUFOR in Operation Althea.

Today, 4th April, is International Mine Action Day and this is especially important for BiH. It is estimated that there are still around 120,000 mines spread across 9,400 locations in BiH and this is a threat to 540,000 citizens or 15% of the population.

On 28th March 2014, the Bi-monthly CBTD meeting took place in Camp BUTMIR. The aim of the meeting was the revision of the goals reached during the last two months, as well as the way for the near future regarding training activities. All members of Capacity Building and Training Division (CBTD), including the Embedded Advisory Teams (EATs), attended the meeting, as well as representatives from NATO and the Armed Forces of BiH (AF BiH) Joint Staff.