Operation Commander Lieutenant General Hubert Cottereau is visiting Camp Butmir this week for the occasion of Exercise EUFOR Quick Response 2022.

During the third week of the Exercise QR 22 members of the AUT Coy of EUFOR's MNBN were deployed throughout Canton 10.

Today on Mount Igman, the Hungarian Company of the Multinational Battalion were carrying out intensive military operations.

The Italian Battalion, which has joined EUFOR for Exercise EUFOR Quick Response 2022, was conducting patrols in the north of the country.

Members of the Hungarian Company of EUFOR Multi National Battalion were deployed in the Banja Luka area. From their base in the Bosnian Armed Forces Barracks, the Hungarian Company conducted patrols and secured key military installations including the weapons storage site Mahovljani in Laktaši and the ammunition storage site Krčmarice in Banja Luka.

On Tuesday, in the AF BiH barracks Ante Bruno Bušić, Brigadier General Somogyi met with members of the Austrian Company of the Multinational Battalion, who are deployed in this sector during the 3rd week of the Exercise Quick Response 2022.

Yesterday on, 24 October, EUFOR held the Distinguished Visitors Day and official Opening Ceremony for Exercise EUFOR Quick Response 2022. Attended by dignitaries from across BiH and the international community as well as the Armed Forces and Law Enforcement Agencies of BiH, the event brought all 20 EUFOR nations together to officially launch the exercise.