Yesterday COM EUFOR Maj Gen Anton Wessely had the pleasure to visit a combined exercise with the AF BiH in Zenica.

On Monday 21st of March COM EUFOR Major General Anton Wessely presided over a ceremony to mark the change of command of the Multinational Battalion. The Command of the Multinational Battalion was handed over from Lieutenant Colonel Alfred Sanz to Lieutenant Colonel Lukas Lamtsch, both members of the Austrian contingent in EUFOR.

The main operational unit of EUFOR is the Multinational Battalion (MNBN), an infantry unit comprised of Companies from Austria, Hungary and Turkey. This unit is dedicated to the framework operations of EUFOR that are patrolling, combined training with the AFBiH and Force Protection of EUFOR.

The Turkish Company of the EUFOR Multi National Battalion completed capacity training last week to reach Full Operational Capability.

On Monday 18th of October a ceremony, presided over by Commander EUFOR, Major General Alexander Platzer, marked the Change of Command of the EUFOR Multinational Battalion (MNBN). The Multinational Battalion is comprised of 3 different nations Austria, Hungary and Turkey who serve together within EUFOR.

Camp Butmir 2 provided the backdrop for an exercise by the Multinational Battalion (MNBN). Each Company that arrives new into the Area of Operations (AO) must undergo standardisation training IOT ensure that they are capable of operating in commonality with the other units of the MNBN.

Today at Camp Butmir, Sarajevo, Lieutenant Colonel Reinhardt Janko took command of EUFOR's Multinational Battalion (MNBN). Major General Alexander Platzer, handed the colours of the MNBN from Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Wilfing to Lieutenant Colonel Reinhardt Janko to signify the Change of Command. The MNBN is EUFOR's military manoeurve unit operating in Bosnia and Herzegovina.