On the 5th of October Slovakian members of the EUFOR Liason and Observation Team (LOT) in Foča donated toys to the Sveti Sava primary school in Foča. The toys were collected from the families of the Slovakian LOT members, who wanted to give a gift to the children in their area.

On the 29th of September Slovakian personnel of a LOT (Liason and Observation Team) in Foca visited ‘Sveti Sava’ primary school to deliver MRE (Mine Risk Education) lessons to 62 of the children there. MRE teaches children about the dangers of mines, explaining likely mine locations and what to do if they come accross them. EUFOR has a number of civillian MRE instructors who work with LOT houses to provide this training.

Children from Bosnia and Herzegovinian multi-ethnic schools from Zenica, Tuzla, Mostar and Sarajevo, participated in the Drežnica climbing camp from 29 June to 3 July. The camp was organized by the Austrian CIMIC team who provided donations and supported the event. “We initiated this project with the Colonel Michael Lasser from the EUFOR Embedded Advisory Team from Tuzla. We thought that climbing would be a perfect means to keep children of different ethnicities working together. From our prospective, it works very well”, said the 1st Lieutenant Andreas Grassberger, Austrian CIMIC Chief.

On the 25th of September members of the EUFOR Turkish Liason and Observation (LOT) Team based in Livno distributed food parcels to needy individuals within their area. The team gave this food as a gesture of good will to the community, strengthening the relationships between the LOT team and the people they live with.

On 14 May 2015 the Turkish contingent via its Liason Observation Team (LOT) in Travnik donated new equipment to the maternity department of Travnik hospital costing 31,200 Euros. The equipment was opened in a ceremony attended by local medical and government officials.
During their regular meetings with the local people in the hospital, the personnel of LOT Travnik had noticed that the hospital would benefit from more equipment for new born babies. Seeing the opportunity, a Civil and Military Co-Operation project was started, resulting in the donation of the equipment.

On the 16th of September COM EUFOR Major General Johann Luif visited the Turkish Liason and Observation Team in Livno. After a welcome from the personnel, he received a brief on the day to day activities of the LOT house and the areas that it is responsible for.

On Tuesday the 5th of November 2013, the EUFOR members from Slovak contingent in the Operation ALTHEA in Bosnia and Herzegovina provided assistance to a married couple who crashed their car near to Visegrad.
Captain Vladimir Toth and Sergeant 1st Class Juraj Stelbacky from the Slovakian Liaison and Observation Team (LOT) Visegrad witnessed the accident. The driver of the car lost control due to the wet weather conditions which overturned onto its roof.

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