EUFOR Liaison Observation Team (LOT) in Visegrad, whose members are from the Slovakian Army, shares a recent example of EUFOR co-operation with local communities.

LOT Visegrad

Two LOT members: Major Martin Trebula and Ssgt Ján Tutoky coordinated, procured and distributed clothes and toys for four families with 14 children in need in their AOR. It directly aided families from Han Pijesak which are in need of such materials.

The need for this small humanitarian aid was recognised due to co-operation between the LOT members and the director of the Han Pijesak Centre for Social Work - Mila Gojkovic. A primary school with a Kindergarten from Hriňová, a small town Slovakia, also contributed to this cause with a collection of clothes, school supplies and toys for their new friends from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

LOT Visegrad

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