On the 13 July, soldiers from the EUFOR House FOČA participated in the tenth Jubilee Festival of Gastronomic Offer "Gastro FOČA 2017". This was the first time that the EUFOR House had competed in the event which saw around thirty caterers, healthy food producers and other exhibitors from the local community and municipalities gather on the FOČA island "BRIONI".

EUFOR House Foca participated in 10th Gastro festival

EUFOR House Foca participated in 10th Gastro festival

The EUFOR soldiers prepared their national Slovak meal of Goulash with dumplings which proved to be a great success with many of the FOČA population as well as tourists from France, Russia, Germany and Belgrade enjoying the food. The EUFOR Houses participation in such social activities is a real beneficial to the organisers and EUFOR House FOČA, as it created many new connections with each other and the community.

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