On the 2nd of November COM EUFOR Major General Johann Luif visited the Polish Liason and Observation Team (LOT) based in Doboj. During this visited he was welcomed by Major Piotr Śmigielski, Commander the LOT house, who went on to give a report on their recent activities.

COM EUFOR visits Polish LOT Doboj

COM EUFOR then addressed the personnel saying, “Your duty in BiH is very important for the mission. You are one of the most essential tools, reporting events which allows me to know the situation in this country in detail”

Feeling the pulse

EUFOR has 17 LOT Houses around Bosnia and Herzegovina. Their purpose is to maintain EUFOR’s links with local communities allowing it to ‘feel the pulse’ of the country, part of EUFOR’s efforts to support the Bosnia and Herzegovnia authorities in maintaining a Safe and Secure environment.

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