On Tuesday the 5th of November 2013, the EUFOR members from Slovak contingent in the Operation ALTHEA in Bosnia and Herzegovina provided assistance to a married couple who crashed their car near to Visegrad.
Captain Vladimir Toth and Sergeant 1st Class Juraj Stelbacky from the Slovakian Liaison and Observation Team (LOT) Visegrad witnessed the accident. The driver of the car lost control due to the wet weather conditions which overturned onto its roof.

The EUFOR soldiers reacted promptly and helped the couple out of the overturned car and provided them with first aid. They then remained on site and provided road traffic assistance until the arrival of the local police.

In a separate incident on the 13th of November 2013, a car accident occurred in front of the tunnel, near the Mrsovo village in the Rudo municipality.
The driver of a delivery van lost control of his vehicle again due to the wet road conditions. The truck overturned and created an obstacle to traffic in both directions on the main road Rudo - Visegrad - Belgrade.
There were two police patrol cars which quickly arrived at the scene, but did not have the technical equipment to overturn the damaged vehicle. Captain Marian Sobcak and Sergeant 1st Class Dusan Veselovsky from LOT Visegrad were passing the location of the accident during a routine patrol. They assisted the local police, using the winch on the military vehicle and turned the van back onto its wheels. The BiH police patrol and drivers on the scene expressed their thanks to the EUFOR LOT for their assistance.

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