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Major General Anton Wessely takes command of EUFOR Operation Althea

Major General Anton Wessely was born in Vienna, Austria, in 1965. Following completion of training in the Theresian Military Academy between 1984-1987 he was commissioned in 1987 as a Battery Commander in the Anti-Aircraft Artillery/Combat Service Support Battalion 3 of the 3rd Mechanised Infantry Brigade.


Continued EUFOR presence in BiH

The UN Security Council unanimously adopted resolution 2604 recognising EUFOR’s peace stabilization role under the military aspects of the Dayton Peace Agreement.


COVID-19 Information

Restrictions on entry and exit to Camp Butmir remain in force at this time. Visitors and suppliers should continue to make arrangements with their point of contact before attempting to enter Camp Butmir.

  • The members of EUFOR LOT from all LOT Houses, under our supervision and in cooperation with Armed Forces BiH (AFBiH), are teaching Mine Risk Education (MRE) classes in every corner of BiH.
    So far in 2021, EUFOR has reached around 6023 children with its Mine Risk Education (MRE) program via the on-site classes delivered by EUFOR LOT personnel in schools across the country, with an additional 146,000 persons reached by its ‘Virtual Mine Risk Education’, launched in April of 2021.

Today, the United Kingdom marked the end of its 16 year contribution to EUFOR in Bosnia and Herzegovina with a flag lowering ceremony at Camp Butmir, Sarajevo, led by COM EUFOR, Major General Reinhard Trischak.

United Kingdom ends contribution to EU Mission

In his speech he praised the UKs unwavering and professional commitment to not only Operation Althea but also to the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina. A commitment, that began with UNPROFOR in 1992. COM EUFOR said

“The UK contribution to EUFOR has been outstanding in terms of commitment, performance and professionalism. It is, therefore, with sadness that we see the departure of UK’s personnel from EUFOR, which reduces the number of contributing nations from 20 to 19.

I would like to express my conviction that although now the UK flag is lowered in Camp Butmir, that the UK’s unwavering commitment to the Western Balkans, specifically to a stable and prosperous Bosnia and Herzegovina always remains high.”

Also present to witness the ceremony was the Ambassador of the United Kingdom to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mr Matthew Field. In his speech he praised the close relationship between the UK Military and EUFOR. He said

“Thank you for acknowledging the UK’s commitment, not just in Bosnia and Herzegovina but also to all the other EU Military Missions around the world. It has been our privilege and our pleasure to serve with you and your staff.”

The UK Flag was then lowered by the remaining members of the UK Contingent to EUFOR and presented to the Senior National Representative, Wing Commander Vincent Jackson.

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