The EUFOR Liaison Observation Team (LOT) in Brčko dealt today with a protest in front of their house. The LOT Commander started negotiations with the interpreter but the negotiations failed and the protesters became more and more aggressive.

Exercise Quick Response 2020 is taking place concurrently in multiple locations across BiH. In the afternoon of Wednesday 2 September, as part of Exercise Quick Response 2020, a dynamic exercise took place at Sarajevo International Airport, which rehearsed the simulation of attempted airplane hijacking and terrorist attack. This is the fourth year in a row that SIA is taking part in the exercise. Acting Director of the Airport Alan Bajić said that airplane hijacking is one of the hardest terrorist acts and one of the most complex crisis situations and continued: “Airport staff and other participants invested a lot of effort to make sure that exercise is conducted properly. I want to thank everyone who participated in the exercise. Although we hope that we would never have this situation in a real life, it is good to know that we have well trained personnel and procedures”.

The first day of action from EUFORs Exercise Quick Response 2020 showed that the troop integration training has worked very well.

The action from EUFORs Exercise Quick Response 2020 continues at pace on day 2 with an attempted raid on a weapon storage facility near Ustikolina. Armed rioters with automatic weapons and hand thrown explosive devices demand entry. Undeterred by the aggression, the EUFOR soldiers from Hungary quickly neutralized the threat and arrested all the protesters.

Sunday 30th August 2020 marked the opening ceremony for EUFOR’s Exercise Quick Response 2020. The annual exercise tests EUFOR’s capability to call up and deploy over-the-horizon reserve forces held at high readiness by contributing nations.

The first day of action from EUFOR’s Exercise Quick Response 2020 showed that the troop integration has worked very well.

A Training and Co-Operation Plan between EUFOR and the Armed Forces Bosnia and Herzegovina was signed on 25th August 2020 in Sarajevo.
The training plan was signed by EUFOR Chief of Staff, Brigadier General Ernő Baráth, and Major General Ivica Jerkić, Deputy Chief Joint Staff Operations for Armed Forces Bosnia and Herzegovina.