Organization: HQ EUFOR / NHQ Sarajevo


Grade: LCH-4 (876 EUR per month + Social contributions + Cigna health & accident insurance)

Location: Sarajevo

Closing date for application: 12 July 2019

Job description...

This is NATO HQ Sarajevo / EUFOR HQ open call for applications, which does not relate to a specific vacancy at this point in time. All qualified candidates will be contacted and invited for an interview

INTERNATIONAL CIVILIAN CONSULTANTS (ICC) - Civilians employed by the headquarter who are nationals of EU member countries or nationals of countries troop contributing nations. They are governed by the Civilian Staff Rules and by applicable provisions of the status of forces agreement (SOFA) or military technical agreement (MTA) pertinent to the operations.

LOCAL CIVILIAN HIRES (LCH) - Civilians employed by the headquarters who are nationals and/or residents of the host country or entity. They are paid with appropriated funds and are governed by the Civilian Staff Rules and applicable local labor laws and regulations.

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Civilian Recruitment/Personnel Office:
fax: +387 33 495 755