NATO Headquarters Sarajevo (NHQ Sa) and European Union Force (EUFOR) Joint Press Statement
NHQ Sa and HQ EUFOR are continuously mindful of their responsibilities as employers. With regard to the social contribution claims, NHQ Sa and HQ EUFOR strive to optimize future proceedings.

In the meantime, NHQ Sa remains hopeful that it will receive permission to use funds previously approved by the NATO Budget Committee and final approval from higher headquarters to implement the methodology for regularization of pensions.

Appointment of the independent member of the Arbitration Tribunal (AT) is also important to continue with the adjudication of those claims which are currently in the appellate process. In an effort to reconstitute the AT, NHQ Sa and EUFOR submitted a proposal for a new independent member of the AT to the local governments on 30th August 2017. A subsequent letter was sent on 15th November 2017. Additionally, representatives from NHQ Sa have been meeting and corresponding with representatives from the FBiH and RS Ministries of Justice to exchange information that is helpful to streamlining the appointment of the nominee to the AT. Most recently, the NHQ Sa and EUFOR Commanders sent a letter to the Prime Ministers of FBiH and RS requesting their support in expediting the appointment of the proposed AT member.

NHQ Sa and HQ EUFOR remain optimistic that the local authorities will support expediting the claims procedures with their consent to appoint the proposed Arbitration Tribunal member. NHQ Sa and HQ EUFOR will continue working with local BiH authorities with the aim to ensure uninterrupted process for all former and current employees of NHQ Sa, EUFOR, and their Troop Contributing Nations seeking resolution of their social contribution related claims.

NHQ Sa Public Affairs Officer and Spokesperson:
Ms Ines Kuburovic
+387 (0) 33 495 055
+387 (0) 61 131 604
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EUFOR Chief Public Affairs:
Lt Col Stefan Koutnik
+387 (0) 33 495 5214
+387 (0) 61 472 933
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