EUFOR’s A-Coy conducts medical training in Kalinovik

The Austrian company of EUFOR’s Multi-National Battalion (MNBN) conducted training in September 2014 with the Medical Team of EUFOR.
An exercise scenario was created where some soldiers were wounded and subsequently had to be treated properly.

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Shift change within the Austrian contingent

Thursday, 11th September 2014: The Austrian company of the Multinational Battalion has finished its rotation. The soldiers of the Infantry Battalion 17 of the Austrian Armed Forces handed over their duties to the incoming troops of the 35th Mechanized Infantry Battalion this morning.

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EUFOR Multinational Battalion trains with Armed Forces BiH

Between 8th and 12th September, a Turkish Platoon from EUFOR’s Multinational Battalion conducted combined training with a platoon from the 4th Infantry Brigade of the Armed Forces BiH.
The training, which took place in Livno, covered a broad range of topics including force protection, convoy and escort and civil disturbance operations.

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Multi-National Battalion continue humanitarian effort

The Turkish Company of EUFOR's Multi-National Battalion have been transporting humanitarian aid from Pale to Doboj and Bijeljina to support flood affected areas over the weekend.

Combined Training of MNBN and AF BiH

From 07 – 11 April 2014, a platoon of the EUFOR Turkish Contingent Multinational Battalion conducted combined training with a platoon of the 1st Company, 2nd Battalion, 5th Brigade of the Armed Forces of BiH in Dubrave, the former SFOR/EUFOR Eagle Base.

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