On Thursday 14 February EUFOR hosted the heads of 21 EU missions to Bosnia and Herzegovina at Camp Butmir.
COMEUFOR, Major General Martin Dorfer, and EUFOR staff, briefed the Ambassadors on the current security situation in the country, demining, and the Masterplan for management, storage and disposal of Ammunition, Weapons, and Explosives of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Heads of EU Missions to Bosnia and Herzegovina visit EUFOR

Welcoming the guests, COMEUFOR said:

"I would like to underline the importance of EUFOR as a strategic asset of the EU in Bosnia and Herzegovina in supporting the country’s path towards EU integration"

COMEUFOR also informed the Ambassadors about ongoing changes to the operation to further improve EUFOR’s performance.
EUFOR is made up of 14 EU nations, and 5 non-EU nations; todays visitors included EU Heads of Mission from all 14 EUFOR EU troop contributing countries, as well as from Denmark, The Netherlands, Finland, Germany, Sweden, and Belgium.

Commenting on today’s gathering, Deputy Head of the EU Delegation to Bosnia and Herzegovina Khaldoun Sinno, said: “All of the ambassadors appreciate the EUFOR-specific updates, it is extremely beneficial to all of us to receive these detailed briefings”.

EUFOR regularly hosts groups of key leaders from national and international organisations to exchange information and inform them about EUFOR’s ongoing activities.

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