One of the tasks of EUFOR, is to train Armed Forces of BiH (AF BiH) personnel to work in the transportation branch, to improve the capacity of AF BiH and to enable greater interoperability with the Armed Forces of other nations.
To this end, the Polish Mobile Mentoring Team (MMT) organized a training course at the AF BiH Movement Coordination Centre (MCC) in Doboj from 28 Jan to 24 Dec 2013. The instructors were AF BiH officers from MCC in Doboj who themselves were mentored by the Polish MMT in a tailored Train the Trainer course.

Movement Control

The aim of the course was to train Movement Control Officers and other AF BiH transportation personnel in the field of NATO military transport procedures and to build a self-sustainable Military Movement Control training system.
On completion of the course a certification ceremony was held on 15 Jan 2014, where EUFOR DCOS Capacity Building and Training, Colonel Ahmet Gonel, presented the trainees with Course Completion Certificates.  EUFOR Training Branch Chief, Lieutenant Colonel Johan Bouhuys, also attended the awards ceremony, along with AF BiH Deputy Commander Chief of Staff Logistic Command, Colonel Marijan Pejic and Deputy Commander Chief of Training Logistic Command, Colonel Goran Vukovic.
Officers from the MCC were best placed to receive this training as they have the knowledge and experience in this area and they will be responsible for all future military movement training.