Developing the capacity and capabilities of the Armed Forces of BiH is one of the most important tasks for EUFOR. Through everyday joint activities, experienced multinational teams pass on knowledge and skills in accordance with the highest international standards.

As part of the European Union’s engagement, EUFOR trains and supports the Armed Forces of BiH to be more than just an army - partnering with Bosnia and Herzegovina to shape an instrument that is fit for Euro-Atlantic integration and at the same time useful for everyone in BiH.

The EUFOR Capacity Building and Training programme for BiH

EUFOR continues to develop its capacity building and training programme with the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The goal is to create an effective army that in addition to conventional army roles is also able to support BiH authorities in a humanitarian role in the spirit of a “dual use of forces”.

In that way, AFBiH will become even more skilled, and much more ready and capable to respond to all challenges awaiting them. This is a key element in BiH’s changing role from a security consumer to a security provider.