Transfer of Authority Ceremony for EUFOR Chief of Staff
International Medal Parade at Camp Butmir on EU Day, 9 May 2019

An International Medal Parade for 56 EUFOR soldiers, sailors, and airmen from 10 countries was held at Camp Butmir...

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Happy EU Day from EUFOR
Polish President visits EUFOR in Camp Butmir

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EUFOR Commanders


Major General Martin Dorfer joined the Austrian Armed Forces in 1985 and graduated from the Military Academy as an Infantry Officer in 1990. During his early career he served as Company Commander, as an instructor at the Military Academy, and as a Chief Operations Officer for the 1st Infantry Brigade.




Brigadier General László Szabó was born on 21 August 1963 in Mátészalka, Hungary. He assumed the position of the Hungarian Defence Forces Military Augmentation, Preparation and Training Command, as an Deputy Commander (responsible for reserve forces, recruting, military administration and physical training).


EUFOR LOTs On the pulse of your country

Whether they are patrolling the streets or talking to citizens and local authorities, EUFOR Liaison and Observation Teams (LOT) are ready to sense the situation on the ground. EUFOR LOTs are an early warning system with teams of soldiers living in local communities all over Bosnia and Herzegovina.


HQ Staff Photo

HQ Staff Photo

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EUFOR ALTHEA Information Booklet

EUFOR ALTHEA Information Booklet

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EUFOR LOTs on the pulse of your country
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