EUFOR troops sharpen their shooting skills
COVID-19 infected EUFOR soldier transported to home country
Commander Multinational Battalion visits Border Crossing Points
Hungarian Company prove their capability

COVID-19 Information


We are currently in unprecedented times, for EUFOR, for Bosnia and Herzegovina, for the continent of Europe and, indeed, the world. Many countries and organisations are imposing measures to combat the danger presented by the COVID-19 virus, EUFOR is no exception.

EUFOR will continue to conduct operations, limiting the movement of personnel in order to minimize exposure and potential transmission of the virus. Operational duties are conducted with the highest possible care. However, Operation EUFOR Althea remains committed to fulfilling its obligations under UN Security Council resolution 2496 (2019) and supporting the authorities of BiH in providing a safe and secure environment for all citizens.

Access to Camp Butmir

The preventative measures that EUFOR has put in place, in line with the measures introduced by the host nation, include restrictions on entry and exit to Camp Butmir. Only people living or working on base have unescorted access. Suppliers should make arrangements with their point of contact before attempting to enter Camp Butmir.

EUFOR - Key to progress

Key to the progress of BiH
Since 2004 EUFOR has been a vigilant but neutral observer in BiH. Positioning ourselves outside of the political dynamics and being present in the background, pursuing our mandate under the Dayton Peace agreement. The EUFOR mandate supports BiH in its progress, as a ‘security provider’ rather than a ‘security consumer’, putting the safe and secure environment of the citizens above political agendas.


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Multinational Battalion

MNBN is EUFOR's military manoeurve unit operating in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is based in Camp Butmir, Sarajevo and comprises troops from Austria, Hungary and Turkey.


Key to progress of BiH

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